Hello fellow TTC'ers!!!

This is my first time posting (so I will give a bit of back-story, it will be LONG ). I live in Brisbane, and my husband and I have been TTC for 16 months. Originally thought it was male-factor, but menevit + carnitine seems to fix that up for the second test (amazingly!!!).

After a year of trying, we were referred to the free Mater fertility services (only had to wait a month to get in, despite my doctor telling me it was 18months in the public system).

The fertility service teaches you to do BBT charting and mucus classification, and if you pay a small amount ($100, not covered by medicare I guess) you get three bloodtests and 6 months support for BBT charting.

I only recently found out that my P-series (well I think that is what the midwife called it) showed a premature drop in progesterone 9 days after peak (P+9). Peak I think is ovulation day... They also test P+5 and P+7, and both of mine were about normal/mid-range (the P+5 was a tiny bit below average). From recollection, my P+7 was 50 something units (I'm sure someone more knowledgable will know exactly what those units are).

Even though my temperatures were highish on P+9, the progesterone was low (29.5) relative to my P+7 reading. I had suspected that I have a luteal phase defect, because my cycles are between 21 and 26 days, and from charting the last four months, my luteal is between 10 and 12 days. I've read of people getting pregnant with 12 day luteal, but maybe that is provided that the progesterone is still highish from P+9 to P+11?

According to the classifications of luteal defects, my results *almost* qualify as a type #3 defect, which is 'late luteal defect' - P+9 progesterone 50% or less than P+7 (mid-luteal progesterone).

The nurse said to me that we would qualify to participate in a clinical trial of progesterone pessaries, only issue is (1) 50% chance of getting the 'good' stuff, and (2) the trial runs for 8 MONTHS! While the trial gives you the pessaries for free (if you are unfortunate to be in the placebo group, you get 6 months of the progesterone pessaries after the trial), I am impatient and would rather just buy the stuff (despite it's expense).

I was wondering if anyone else here had a luteal phase defect, and whether they had tried progesterone pessaries (and could recommend any cheap pharmacies in Brisbane) and/or clomid (I've heard that helps too, but risk of twins etc.).

I also thought I'd mention that while waiting to get into the Mater scheme, I had also made an appointment with a private gyno/FS, and they only performed 1 blood test and had not specified which day of the cycle to get it. Furthermore, the private FS keeps pushing laparoscopy (even though I have very few of the endo symptoms), at a cost of $2k.