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    Default IVF and Day/Night 13hr shift work.

    Hello All,

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has tried doing ivf and shift work? If so how did you cope or not cope?

    Our baby story is that we have been ttc for 2.5years with the last 8months using Clomid with still no luck 😔. Doc has had a look around inside and said all is pretty and is happy with my day 23 ovulation test but still nothing. So we are going to ask for science to help however I just don't know how I will cope with continuing to work as an operator in the mines. All wait n see I guess but would like to hear of other people's experiences.

    Cheers 😃

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    Hi kholii

    I'm also an operator in the mines working 12 hour shifts and have done 4 rounds of ivf.

    What I did was I told my supervisor that I was doing ivf. I only told him and I knew he could keep it a secret (you know how everyone out there likes to gossip!) as I didn't want it to become workplace news. I had to take quite a few sickies for appointments and EPUs so at least if anyone from above asked he could tell them I had a female problem and that usually shut them up!

    With the injections I was at first trying to get back up to the start up area where I kept my drugs in a fridge in a bag and do them there. But that became to hard so I was just carrying them in my crib bag in the cooler with plenty of ice bricks and pulling up for a personal when I had to do it.
    I did my injections at 8pm every night. I'm not sure how far you travel to work but on day shift I was home by then so it was only night shift that I had to carry them around with me.

    I'm happy to answer anymore questions you have if you want to PM me...

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    Thank you Two Souls,

    I know what you mean by gossip but lucky for me my crew are all waiting for me to have a bub n have been great over the last couple of years I will be letting my boss know but will be asking him to not tell the bosses higher as they already don't like the idea of pregnant operators Thanks for the idea for the injections I will definitely be doing that.

    Thank you for the offer of PMing you I definitely will be Fingers crossed you are successful soon!!!


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