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    Default Is this reflux?

    My 16 week DD (11 weeks adjusted) has really been struggling these last couple of weeks. She's mixed fed, more formula than BF these days. But we've been having the following problems

    Spits up after every feed, but now she's also vomiting every 20 or so minutes. Not heaps, but a little bit

    She's constipated. I have a liquid medication my normal GP have me about a month ago to use daily, but the last few days she hasn't even able to go and is in a lot of pain. She'll scream in agony, go red and only do a little fart

    She won't let me put her down she's a cuddly baby normally but these last few days I can't even put her down to have a shower. She just screams.

    My normal GP is on a month holiday and not back until next week so I saw a new one today, he wasn't much help. Told me it could be reflux but to keep and eye on it and go back if it continues?

    Just not sure if I should try a new doctor ASAP or wait until next week to see my normal/trusted GP, and what should I ask? Are there tests they can do?
    I should also add she's on bellamys organic and hasn't had any issues until now. It's all come on randomly.

    TIA! x

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    Maybe she is spitting up because she is so constipated?
    Have you tried watered down prune juice? Works wonders. Get some prunes and slowly cook them in water and then water down the juice (I can PM you exact quantities if you like).
    Personally if she were mine and was that distressed I wouldn't wait to until your GP came back. Id get her seen sooner.

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    I know this was a whole ago but what about a probiotic?


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