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    My dd HATES tummy time and has actually rolled a few times to avoid it lol she's 15weeks and its only just now that she gives us about a minute before she starts the screaming. We have discovered that she loves lying on our knees while we are on our backs so she is 'flying'. Even though we barely did tummy time she still has good control over her neck as we tried to make sure we carried her upright rather than on her back

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    I find that after feed/burp/nappy change, I start her play period with tummy time immediately. That way I get a couple of minutes of tummy time out of her before she starts squawking to be turned onto her back. If she has a play first then I try and do tummy time - she won't have a bar if it!

    I also get down to her level and talk to her, with my hand rubbing her back - she will smile and giggle at me, distracting her from the fact she's not enjoying being on her tummy.
    She is 16 wks and hasn't rolled yet.

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    I am really concerned by some of the comments made in this thread so please know that I only say the following out of concern and that's all.

    I did not start tummy time with my children until they were around 3 months. This was a natural progression for us but I was later advised by a pediatrician (while consulting on another matter) not to start tummy time prior to three months as bub is simply not strong enough to cope with the extra stress tummy time puts on bub's body. I have since found this in literature and our current kindergym staff also make the same recommendation. However, I do note that some groups push it much earlier. Our child care centre certainly used to. (They have since changed their policy).

    You can also forget about neck control at such an early stage. They simply don't have it until much later. Usually it's between 5 months and onward. 15 weeks? No way.

    There is a reason why your child is screaming or trying to avoid it - he or she is trying to tell you something. That's it's probably too early for them just yet.

    As for rolling, 16 weeks is way, way too young. They simply don't have the musculature to be able to manipulate a roll by themselves at that age. An unassisted roll usually occurs at around 5 or 6 months or later. Some babies turn from one side to another but, again, at 3 months or after. Some babies, like my second child, never roll over. Mine simply progressed to sitting up.

    Please don't push your babies beyond what they are physically capable of. Just let them be babies, don't rush, listen to them and follow their lead. At that age, if they don't want a bar of something there's a very good reason why.

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