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    We didn't tell anyone that we found out the gender of our 2nd. It was "presumed" it was a boy. To the extent my dad would say "how's my grandson growing in there?"
    i too, felt like I needed to defend if it was a girl, so I would say "SHE, is doing fine!" Just to justify that having another girl would be just as wonderful.

    I had a boy, pigeon pair. There are the down sides, like dd won't ever have a sister to grow up with (like I did). Ds and dd like completely different things from tv shows to toys to books to the darn parks we go to!
    We won't be having anymore because we can't financially afford to and I can't go through pnd a third time.
    Ppl also "presume" we are done because we have one of each, what else do we need?! So I guess we get out of that question, no one really asks if we r having more!

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    Our first was a girl but she grew her wings at 5 days old, then our second was a girl and shes adored by all I think even more due to the fact she was born a yr after her angel sister.
    We are now pregnant with our third which is a boy which is great the only thing is mil is going to be on me because both her sons did footy when they were growing up so not looking forward to that I even told hubby that I dont want him pushed into anything his mum wants so everyone was actrully very happy I didnt have a girl they all wanted a grandson from me

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