My almost 7yo ds is really missing his Great-Grandpa who died 2 months ago. It's resulting in crying at bedtime (3 nights in the last week) and he can be upset for up to 90 minutes. Of course, being this time of year no psychologists are open, but I plan to book him into one within the next month (we're also moving in 2 weeks!).

Anyway, I've done some reading online about tips to help kids with grief and it says to try drawing and writing. So, how have people started this? Just do it in the morning and see what happens? He seems upset at bedtime, but is often dismissive during the day, so I'm worried he just won't be interested during the day time. But, I imagine doing it at bedtime is a bad idea.

My dh is away and my toddler often resists going to sleep easily, so having my ds struggle at bedtime is super hard right now so I want to make things better not worse.