I recently did a pregnancy test after i started feeling nauseated and dizzy. I have got slightly sore breasts also. I have done 3 first response dip and read tests (not the early detection ones just the strips) I did them all a day apart. A very faint line appeared on all 3 tests within 3 minutes. The lines got darker within the hour and were really noticable. I waited 3 days after the last test and did a first response early midstream test which appeared negative. I took it apart and noticed if you put it up to the light it has a faint faint line. i did 2 confirm tests also one with fmu the other after holding for 4 hours and both were negative. I dont undertand why the less sensitive were pos and the early detection ones were neg. Can i still be pregnant. I have been TTc for 5 years with 3 losses so really got my hope up. Has anyone experienced this before? I have included a pic. Forgot to mention i have pcos so dont have regular cycles and have not had a period in 3 months so dont even know how far i could be etc.