DS was born at 35 weeks, he was small and had trouble breathing he was in nicu for a week and in scu for another week.
He had a pneumothorax and had to have a spinal test for menengitis. He was tube fed for 12 days and had oxygen for 6 days. In the first week I held him once.
Hes doing great now, breast feeding and growing, he's cooing and smiling however I can't help but think about how his life started and what lasting impact it might have.
He's a good sleeper at night but wants to held most of the day, he's very 'jumpy'... If I'm holding him and he's completely asleep he'll jump... arm flailing at the most minute move or noise.
DD was never like that, you can tell he craves that contact, he's also taking to wanting the breast as comfort, he'll suck for a few seconds then fall asleep obviously exhausted.
I know I shouldn't compare and that all kids are different and I am giving him whatever he needs and learning how to sooth him and what he likes but still I can't help but think that some of him behavior could be a result of him rough start.
What do ya'll think? And if anyone else had a premie do you see similar behaviors?