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    Ok so this will be the final update...
    Mostly I'm updating because when I had been searching similar symptoms, not many people provided a final update... Maybe because it was too painful.. but here goes...

    On Wednesday, I started bleeding more heavily, the bleeding seemed less like discharge (sorry if tmi) and more like pure blood. Continued to progressively get heavier. At approx 5am, dp drove me to Ryde hospital and after a few hours and a scan from an extremely *****y and insensitive cow of a sonographer I discovered that I'd miscarried.
    Her exact words were "that's just an empty uterus - an empty non-pregnant uterus." the gestational sac was obviously visible on the scan so my partner asked her about it and she replied "you couldn't even call that a sac" anyway, her provisional report lead the doctor to eventually diagnose a complete miscarriage and they sent me home.
    I soon discovered it was not yet complete because I had been passing clots. One of which was definitely big enough that it would have been visible on a scan.
    And then today whilst shopping with my mil, I felt the gush of blood, ran to the toilets and it looks like now I've had a complete miscarriage...
    I'm so disgusting by our health system right now. I could have been better prepared if the doctor had told me what to expect...
    Anyway, I'm absolutely heartbroken and I've made a complaint about the sonographer. Nothing else I can do really...

    I know this is a long post... Guess I just needed to get it out of my system.

    Best if luck to everyone else.

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    So sorry ms cate.

    The treatment you received from that sonographer is horrific and I'm so glad you made a complaint. I honestly don't know how anyone could be so cruel and heartless to anyone, let alone to someone going through what you are. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

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    I'm so sorry for u I hope u have lots of support and yes definitely complain!!! X

    Me: 31, DH: 33, DD1: 8, DD2: 6 😃 #3 due Sept 2014 ❤

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