First up I want to say I don't have fertility problems but I'm just curious on other people's experience with Repromed. Where I live they are the only IVF clinic and are referred to as the fertility specialists. I know many people who have visited them and almost everyone tells me they are very pushy? And they only do the basic tests to look at fertility before saying IVF is the only option. Two good examples. A friend who had some tests done , went back and was told she'd never conceive naturally and needs to start the process that day. Immediately! What she didn't tell them was she'd fallen pregnant naturally while waiting for test results. Another friend told all her tests were fine , she has infertility of unknown causes and IVF only option. Again big pressure to sign on that day. She was not happy with the lack of info about what was actually wrong with her and sought information from a fertility specialist down south . Turned out there was a certain hormone very low and even if she'd fallen pregnant she'd have never kept the pregnancy and even though she ovulated her eggs where not being released. She's on treatment for both now. But Repromed didn't look at any of this and just started trying to Sell IVF to her . I'm just curious if this is just this clinic here or are they all like this? ( I work in health and people ask me about it). Big hugs to all those going through it. I know how lucky I am.

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