My baby is 4 months old and was waking every three hours in the night. I worked with a sleep consultant and worked out that she needed to have longer feeds and stick to a more structure routine. We also placed her on her stomach to sleep and now she sleeps like an angel! I know its not recommended for babies to sleep on their stomachs but as a result, she has progressed so quickly developmentally self settling, sleeping for 2 hour blocks during the day and even learning to roll in a matter of days!
I am so pleased that she can now roll however, the problem I am facing is that when I place her on her stomach she instantly rolls onto her back and no matter how hard I try to settle her to sleep on her back nothing with work. She only wants to sleep on her tummy! The one time she nearly fell asleep (after 45 minutes of crying so hard she was exhausted) she would dose off and then her startle reflex would wake her. It happened three times and then it pretty much woke her completely and she just couldn't get to sleep.
I felt so sorry for her as she barely slept at all yesterday and her eyes were red she was so tired! I have read heaps of blog posts and it seems people are having a similar problem with their babies rolling from back to front but not front to back.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can settle her on her back so eventually when she can roll both ways she can decide how she wants to sleep?