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    Default First time mothers. Pregnancy - 6 months postpartum. Gift for participation!! :)

    Hi, my name is Amanda and I am currently looking of volunteers to participate in an online survey I am conducting for my PhD at Charles Sturt University. The project focuses on mother-infant interactions and emotional distress.

    To participate in the study you need to be over the age of 18, becoming/or have become a mother for the first time, have experience a low risk pregnancy, and are either in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy or are approximately 6 month postpartum.

    Participation will take approximately 30-35 minutes. Individuals who are currently in Australia will receive a double movie pass as a thank you for their participation.

    This research is undertaken with the supervision of Dr. Andrew McGrath, and has been approved by Charles Sturt University Human Research Ethics Committee.

    If you would like to participate in the study, please follow the links below:

    Click the following link if you are in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PM2DDZT

    Click the following link if you are approximately 6 months postpartum:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PMTP66Q

    Or, you can contact me at amking@csu.edu.au for further information.

    Your co-operation is appreciated!

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    Sorry reread the question. Son is older.
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    would it be possible to re-order the survey such that the email address is collected last? I want to see what the questions are like prior to committing my email address to receive the second survey.

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    Hi Swanex

    Thanks for your interest in participating in the study. Unfortunately, as the email address was part of the consent procedure for the prenatal questionnaire, this question needed to be placed at the start of the questionnaire.

    I am happy to provide some more information regarding the questions that will be asked in the survey. When the survey starts, you will be asked a number of demographic questions such as age, and level of education, and media exposure. The questionnaire will then enquire about your perceived level of social support, feeding expectations, infant behaviour, and expected confidence as a mother. A number of questions will also ask about how you are currently feeling. I have added a sample of the questions that are included in the survey below.

    If after viewing some of the questions, you are still unsure about providing an email address but wish to participate in the study, you could participate in the postnatal version of the study at a later date. This questionnaire only requires contact details to be provided in order for movie passes to be distributed. This information is collected at the end of the questionnaire, and you may opt to not receive the movie pass, meaning that no personal information is collected. I would however like to stress that any information that is collected is treated in the strictest confidence, and any personal information collected (e.g. email addresses) will be destroyed upon completion of the project.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Sample questions – Prenatal Questions.
    For most of the questions, you will be asked to rate you response on a rating scale. For example you may be asked how strongly you agree or disagree with a statement. Sample questions for each of the topics mentioned are presented below.

    Social support
    There is a person who is around when I am in need
    My family really tries to help me

    Baby feeding too often
    Baby fusses, refuses to nurse

    Infant behaviour
    How often do you believe the baby will seem contented when left in the crib?
    How often do you believe your baby will cry or fuss before going to sleep or naps?

    How good do you believe you will be at getting your baby to pay attention to you? For example, when you want your baby to look at you, how good will you be at making him or her do it?
    How good do you believe you will be you at getting your baby to have fun with you? For example, how good will you be at getting your baby to smile and laugh with you?

    How you are feeling
    Things have been getting on top of me
    I feel calm
    My Appetite was poor


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