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    Default TTC post miscarriage at 6 weeks

    HeyI lost my little baby on 1st Dec (;-( ... big grieving but want to ttc.. we both do), bloods took a while to go down (up and down) had u/s to show all good and Doc said we were good to go and ttc again. She also said not to worry about ovulation signs/charting as it could be all over the place. I knew that I was still showing +ve on hpt for some of this cycle and that opk would be effected so started charting/temping.My temps have been quite erratic, I spiked 13th Dec and whilst its been high it has been up and down. CM has been uninteresting. Once I got -ve hpt, I started opk and got first positive today at 3pm...strong +ve... then tonight 10pm -ve again (I tested yesterday mid morning and was -ve)... we have been BD daily until today! Today seems to be the day and DH says he feels like he's cattle and is tired! (I sympathise and will try to chill ;-), he's compromising by coming home early tomorrow night)... a) did I ovulate and when b) If we BD yesterday and do so again tmrw... are we covered in the window??? Man this is too heady... what if I ovulate tonight and dont see him til 10pm tmrw! (he's then away a month!) I know to chill... but really want to get things a moving and grooving! :-) Thanks!

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    I can't answer a) but I can answer b)with a big fat yes!
    If you did ovulate today your bf'ing from yesterday could do the job.
    Sperm can live up inside you for up to 5 days after you did the bd so grab DH tomorrow just to be sure but yesterday's could be promising if you did in fact O today!
    Fx for you!

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