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We did the bicarb bath and frequent changing of cloth nappies during the day.

But you say "no nappies at night".
I'm curious to know how that went. I've only tried that about three times. First time was a disaster and bub peed all over the place, 2nd time, much older, when he was pulling his velcro nappy off he went without and was actually dry the next morning, 3rd time, next night, pee all over the bed.
Its been a lot of washing but has improved his bottom a lot! He has peed but at least he's getting some air

Dr dr said to put a 'bluey' down, he gave us a few but DS wriggles so much that they to helped so I've just resigned myself to wet sheets for a few days. I'm using a sheet over him tonight, weather is warm so that's all he'll need.