DS is 17 months old, and mealtimes with him have been challenging for over 6 months now. He has all if his teeth bar the 2 year old molars; and getting some of these at around 12 months put him off everything except for purees. Since then, he gradually improved, and eats a solid breakfast, and would always eat things like mashed veggies with couscous, etc. for lunch.
He will eat just about anything when he is at crèche, but has become extremely fussy at home. He now won't eat much at all, and will become hysterical if he is given something he doesn't want. He is resistant to even trying something that he doesn't like the look of.
I want to try and sort this out now, as I was very fussy when I was young, and it made my life very difficult!
Can anyone recommend any books that would help give us some tips to deal with this?
Thanks in advance!!