This year I lost 23 kg and needed to lose 20 more but after my holiday I lost motivation and have gained 10 kgs so now I am needing to lose at least 30 kgs. My plan this time is to start in the New Year and lose around 500gm-700gm a week so that I don't lose too much too fast. My diet plan is to eat as much raw/natural/paleo meals as possible and teaming it up with exercise. I have asked for a bike trike with baby seat for Christmas which DH has kindly bought for me so that I can cycle to the pool and swim and play with bub there most mornings then cycle home stopping at the shops to get whatever grocery items we need as the trike has a trailer/back basket that holds 50kg. Then in the afternoons start up our family walks again where DH the kids and I take our dog on a 4km walk before dinner. Does this plan sound like it might work? I should also add as I was in Duromine in October but went off it by myself when I was catching every bug going around around and I spoke to my Dr and asked if Xenical would work better for me and he has said I can team them up together so I will also be doing that