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    I left hospital 8 weeks ago in the same situation as you except I hadn't started the motilium yet.
    Bub couldn't latch and my supply was crap.
    She didn't latch until she was 3 weeks and I had been expressing and mix feeding to compensate my supply deficit.
    I understand your feeling about just going straight to formula, it was really hard work expressing all the time.
    It wasn't until 5/6 weeks that we finally got exclusively breastfed.
    Ultimately you need to do what you need to do to make you happy.
    Happy mum = happy bub.
    There is nothing wrong with FF, you aren't letting down your little takka. You are still giving him a completely nutritious diet.
    Don't let anyone make you feel bad, trust me in the 8wks I've had my little one, I've learnt that everyone has some sort of opinion to share with you, someone will always think you are doing something wrong because it was different to what they did (like my mum who thinks picking the baby up when she cries will spoil her).
    I just think I'm glad they found what works for them, I will find what works for me.
    Pick and choice what advice you want to take and disregard the rest!

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    I was in the same situation. Luckily my milk came in so I was able to express enough to get rid of the formula and top up with EBM. We managed to get rid of the bottle when she was a week old and I've been able to fully bf ever since. It was hard and stressful but I'm glad I did it. As others have said though the best thing is you and bub being fed and happy. If that's formula then go for formula.


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