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    Default Just introduced solids, how much food to give bub each day???

    Hi guys

    Sorry if this has been done before. My little man is just over 4 months and has been eating solids for about 10 days now. He's has sweet potato, apple and pear, and seems to lap up everything I give him. He has had severe reflux which the paed said should get better after he's eating lots of solids, my question is how often do I give them to him?

    I started with just a few teaspoons, but by day 2 or 3 he was eating the whole jar/serve. He looks like he'd go for more and milk doesn't always seem to satisfy him anymore...what did you all do? I can't even remember with DD!

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    My little boy was hungry too by 4 months. I just gave milk feeds then solids an hour later at meal times. Eg..
    7am milk
    8am breakfast
    11am milk
    12pm lunch
    3pm milk
    5pm dinner
    6.30lm milk.
    With this routine as you drop milk feeds as bub gets older the meal times are already at regular meal times.
    I fed him until he turned his head away or appeared to have had enough. Lots of different purees and slowly introducing some finger food such as toast.


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