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    Unhappy Bedtime Blues

    Hi all
    im starting to have a mummy meltdown!
    my 8month old daughter is in situation where
    she falls asleep fine in my arms and if she really tired
    she will go in her cot no problems but after about 20mins
    she wakes up screaming for me.. She won't just go in
    her cot at all and even if she does she will wake up every
    10mins or so wanting to be in my arms again.. Some nights
    i give in from being so tired and let her sleep in my bed! I know
    this is one of the reasons why she's acting up but I need some advice
    on what I can try or do.. I've tried controlled crying and she will go for
    40mins before she starts to settle, I do go in to check she's ok try settle her
    without actually talking to her but she starts up again! I'm starting to
    really feel the frustration over it
    please can any body help out or give some advice
    thank you xx

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    You said you tried controlled crying but you went in to settle bubs. Can I ask what you mean by that?

    Controlled crying doesn't involve settling bubs, you just check in and put your hand on them and tell them you love them and everything is ok, they need to go to sleep, then walk out and wait for a longer period of time before going in again.

    Do you have a consistent pre, night sleep routine before putting bubs down? Any kind of schedule during the day?

    Me 31, He 34, DD 21 months, waiting for just 1 more to complete our family.

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    I had a shocking time with my LO from about the same age. He ended up having a lot of sickness for about a year from that age. Ended up beading grommets, tonsillectomy and adenoids done just before he turned. By the time he was 2 years old he was only sleeping with me and wouldn't go down in his own bed at all. I went to sleep school and tried everything yet nothing worked. I hated the thought of controlled crying but as a single mother, and no family around, I had to try something. Sleep deprivation was getting the better of me. So controlled crying it was. It took a long hard week and now he sleeps all night long. If you are going to do controlled crying, you need to stick with it, other wise it's unfair on yourself and buba.

    This is what worked for me and my little one....

    Letting him know in advance that sleep time was in 5 mins..

    Going into a calm darker room and having 10 mins of reading, cuddles, singing and comfort time to wind down.

    Going into bubs room, give a kiss, putting him down in his cot telling him I love him, it's sleep time, goodnight. Tuck him in and leave the room, even if he cries or gets up out of tucked in sheet.

    After crying for 1 min go in, no eye contact, no cuddles, no talking except for " shhhh, sleep time" and tuck him back in. Walk strait out.

    Repeat after, 2 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, 20, 30..

    If total of an hour then I got him a drink, checked nappy, gave him a little walk aroun the room and started again.

    The first night of this was the hardest. By night 3 he was sleeping half the night. By 1 week he slept right through.

    After a week or so he would start waking up through the night again .. I think it was to try test me, haha. But stick to my guns and done what I knew worked.

    I really feel for you, I know what you are going through. It's so friggin hard!!! It will get easier though. Just hang in there. PM me if you need to chat. Good luck xx

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    Sorry I should of made myself more clear when I mentioned settled, I would go in a check on her, patted her bum and walked out.. She wasn't screaming more like being a sook... I'll give her a bath then half hour she will have her bottle then quite time before bed.. Usually she would fall asleep in my arms then I'll put her in the cot.. Like I said she won't actually go down on her own.. She wakes up around 8am when I give her a bottle, breakfast at 9am and usually goes down for a nap around 10.30am.. She will have another nap after 2pm then stays awake till bedtime


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