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    Default IVF/FET/ICSI Jan/Feb 2014 ladies?

    Hi ladies,

    I thought i would start this thread now….just had a Dec 2013 ICSI cycle that cancelled at ET due to OHSS. I was and still am, devastated…and very confused.

    IVFA did a "freeze all" on my embryos, i have 1x hatching Day5 blastocyst and 1 other excellent quality blastocyst on ice (frozen on 9th Dec). Now I'm sitting around waiting for my periods to come and go and for my next one to come along. Apparently they need me to have a month off as my E2 levels were over 26000 so they need my body to calm down.

    This has never happened to me before! I had 27 follicles, only 9 was retrieved and of those only 4 were mature. 3 were fertilised - and i have OHSS?!?!?! so lost at the moment?

    Then what made it worse was that i was told to pay the FULL ICSI fee of $8885 (thanks very much) even though I didn't do the embryo transfer?

    I was incredibly upset at the nurses who didn't pick up that my E2 levels to the number of follicles at my first u/s was at high risk of OHSS. If they had picked it up, my dosage could have been lowered or stopped, because 2 days later, my E2 levels were out of control.

    Anyways, if there are any of you who's going to be cycling in Jan/Feb 2014, please join. It makes it so much easier…..
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    Sorry everyone, there's already one started! So I'm joining in the other one


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