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    Default Signs of pre-labour?

    I never went into labour with DS so I have no idea what to expect or what's pre-labour or something to worry about.

    Yesterday I was at the hospital for my ob & physicians appointments. Finished at the clinic & went downstairs to the chemist. Whilst waiting in line to hand in a script I got this strong pain that had me grab the nearest shelf to support myself. My lower stomach went rock hard and it really hurt. I couldn't talk and the pharmacist had to help me to a chair. I sat there for 30min and it happened 3 more times then stopped. I've been getting BH for weeks and none have ever been painful.

    When I went to the toilet there was little speckles of brown (like dried blood clots) on the liner. They were small pinhead size and there wasn't a huge amount. I changed the liner and when I got home I checked again and there were a few more. There were more when I wiped this morning and it was mixed with ewcm (sorry tmi). Is this part of the plug coming away?

    No more pains till lunchtime today, I had one that lasted about a minute and no more.

    I also spent the whole day on Monday balling my eyes out over nothing. Everything set me off and it was just small insignificant things.

    Are these signs of pre-labour?

    If they are how early does pre-labour normally begin before real labour starts? Am I looking at hours, days, week/s?

    I'm currently 37+1, DS was born at 36+6 so feel like I'm in uncharted waters at the moment.
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    I didn't 'go into labour' with dd (waters broke at 36 and was gbs+ so was induced) but I had those painful BH and blood/mucus just like you described. I was already 5 cm dilated when my waters broke.

    I also had achey thighs, and a dull backache. My BH contractions would peak and then not really come back tummy would remain rock hard for ages and through more BH until the session passed.

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    Sounds like pre-labour to me! You could have your baby tomorrow... or it could go on and on for weeks . Hope it's not too much longer for you.

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