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    Default Baby #3? Ready or not?

    Hello, am currently co-sleeping and BFing almost 3 year old. Son #1 is 7 and still sleeps with us all. I just got my first period in 3.5 years, and am excited to be finally fertile again! My concern is son #2, and whether he is ready for a sibling...I don't like the idea of tandem feeding, and yet weaning my son has me feeling very guilty as he is very attached to boobie! It's not really about the milk, just likes boobie in his mouth for comfort! Add to that he has never been left with anyone other than Mummy or Daddy...he is very shy, very clingy, and well, still seems very much a baby (although is very verbal!). Wondering if I should wait a bit longer to conceive #3, or go ahead and trust that he will adjust and be able to accept night comfort from Daddy? Would Love some ideas on how to approach weaning with him?

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    Hi there.
    I found as soon as I fell pregnant my milk started to dry up. Some toddlers will self wean at this stage my toddler didn't. Just trust your relationship with your toddler and they'll wean when ready. You'll be surprised at how living your toddler would be towards a new sibling. My boys are 3 years apart. Both co sleeping. I fed my toddler up until a few months ago and he was the same as you've described your lo.

    Good luck x

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    I have an 18 month old prem that came 9 weeks early who I stopped breast feeding 2 days ago. I was also feeling like you guilty as he loves the comfort of it. I am 6 months pregnant and my milk dried up when I was about 8 weeks so quite a while ago. He was purely just having the comfort to put him to sleep and first up in the morning so 3 times day. I was forced to stop due bf as I am now high risk of having this baby early also and it can bring on labour with the nipple stimulation. He is fine with it and I miss it a little but feel I have a little of myself back before the next bub comes. I doubt my son will understand with the new bub either.


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