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    Default implantation bleed? confused :s

    Hii all.

    Okay so im due on my period this coming friday (13th) but saturday night (7th) I noticed a very faint pink mark when I wiped so I put a pad on and went to bed. The next morning there was nothing on the pad just the same faint pink mark when I wiped. I just kept a panty liner in all dagand it was basically the same. Now today its a little heavier and more of a brownish colour, still not as heavy as my normal period though.

    My periods are usually regular and I usually get tender breasts about 5 days before which I havent had this time. Ive also been feeling really tired, coming in from work and falling asleep even after having 9-10 hours sleep?

    Anybody else expierienced this or something similar? Could this be implantation bleeding or just my period acting up?

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    I had this! And was pregnant


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