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    Hi Pip,

    We just got our 1st IVF BFP through Monash. Also I did acupuncture weekly for a few months prior to the cycle, aswell as acupuncture pre and post ET and weekly up until 2 weeks ago. I'm now 9.5 weeks along.

    We got 9 eggs collected, 5 fertilised, transferred one "perfect" 5 day hatching blastocyst and the remaining 4 did not make it to freezing. It only takes one and for us we were so lucky that 1 great emby made it 1st time.

    I really think the acupuncture helped (just my opinion) and wish you luck for the future x

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    It took DH and I 3 IVF attempts so I know how you are feeling. On our 3 try, we had a natural transfer and now have a 3.5 months old beautiful daughter!

    Which Clinic are you going to? We went to Dr Gavin Sacks in Bondi Junction and he was amazing!

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    Hi Pip,
    Like many of the others have said it is always good to get a second opinion. It wasn't till we moved clinic and fs that I learnt that there is so much more doctors can do to improve the chances of ivf working using various meds and methods. When u start they always give you the standard protocol as they don't know how you will react to the drugs but after failed attempts they should be looking into changing meds or adding new ones.
    In my first two stim cycles we would get good amount of embryos but always a bfn and embryos not surviving the thaw. My old fs didn't want to investigate further or change the protocol so we moved. My new fs tested me for many things and I had elevated nk cells in my uterus as well as my thyroid being out of whack which my old fs didn't bother testing for.

    They may have said your eggs look good but just the fact they didn't make it to freezing and none fertilised may indicate otherwise. There are many ways to improve the quality of eggs through supplements such as the ones team panda mentioned (I think we may have had the same fs) and there are others. I did acupuncture for many cycles but my last cycle I wanted to leave no stone unturned so I took heaps of supplements, took the prescribed melatonin and vit e, I eliminated gluten, acupuncture and took chinese herbs for three months before. And it worked! Also it's important for sperm to be healthy too. So zinc, coq10 and vit e is important for your partner to take.
    Hope that helps.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Pip
    We had no real issues identified, and my fs also told me it was just a numbers game. After 5 cycles i was really stressing about whether we were doing enough, should we get a second opinion etc and had decided if cycle 6 didn't work we would seek another opinion. Anyhow, cycle 6 did work for us so it really was just a matter of waiting and tweaking each cycle. I think the difference for us was that we got a perfect AA grade blasto this time and I think the reason we got it was that we used Elonva which doubled the number of eggs from 7-8 in previous cycles to 14! You use it instead of Gonal F to stimulate folical growth, ,and the added bonus is that it is only 2 injections rather than daily!


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