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    Default Early Learning Centres / Kinders ran by P-12 private schools- opinions/ experiences?

    Hi there,

    I am considering sending my daughter to 4 year old kinder ran by the local private school and am interested to hear if anyone else has sent their 4 year old to an early learning centre and if they were happy with it and found it to be good value (i.e- worth the high fees).

    It is five days a week and runs from 9-4. Essentially it sounds like pre-prep to me and costs about 13k. The glossy brochure gives me the impression that it offers structured learning for those who show some inclination towards reading and writing or the option to 'learn through play' for those who haven't developed that interest. What particuarly sounds attractive to me is that it is ran by trained teachers.

    I'm not really fussed about the whole private/ public debate as I think it depends on the learning style and aspirations of the child, but in this case I think for my daughter she could really benefit from some structured learning.

    My intention is just to send her to the local catholic school from grade prep, then back to local private school by year 7. Just a note also- I live in an area where we are so under resources by secondary schools that there is a group of local residents lobbying the Vic Govt for more schools!

    Thanks for your help!

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    We were offered a place for DD in private kinder/pre-prep like you're describing and we decided not to. She does daycare 3 days a week and will do 2 kinder sessions at a local kinder but I wasn't ready yet to put her 5 days a week into the school environment. Plus her brother is at a different school and the timing meant he would either have to use before and after school care as I couldn't work the start and finish times for them both to be on time. We decided that there wasn't enough benefit to DD to make DS day so much longer.

    We too are in an area severely under resourced for kinder, primary and secondary and have a group lobbying for more schools. It makes a difficult decision even more challenging.

    ETA: I think all 4yo kinder regardless of what type you use has to be run by trained teachers.

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    We've got DS booked into pre k ( 4 year old pre school ) at the private boys school he will be going to from kindergarten - I spoke at length to the pre school teachers and the facilities are amazing but it's the 5 days I'm still
    not sold on! I think it might be too much plus I'm not sure I'm ready!

    The fees. ($15 k ) are pretty much the same really for 5 days at any pre school - he's got his interview next June ( he's just turned 3) so I'll wait and see then how he is and what they think - it is great though as the pre school room is across from the kindergarten and infants school and they get to use all the facilities ( pool, play grounds etc )so the transition to big school would be easy and he'd have ready made friends !


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