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    I had a vbac with dd 3. All threw my pregnancy I was told that I could try it as long as I went into labour naturally. Well I didn't and was booked in for c section. At the pre op I was in tears begging them to knock me out rather than go threw the c-section again they said they would not knock me out. Anyway I was booked in to have the cection and they rang up to cancel too busy. By this time I was like 9 days overdue. Lucky for me my blood pressure got high and I was sent to hospital. at hospital a midwife asked me if I had considered been induced I said I was told that They wouldn't. Well obviously she knew who to talk to because they induced me yah yah yah. 11 days overdue and 2 days before the next scheduled c-section. At first they tried a ballon, that allowed my cervix to open enough to break my waters. I still had not gone into labour so they than gave drugs. They said they would just give small doses not too much just enough to put me into labor. The labour was fairly intense compared to the natural birth of DD 1 but well worth it. I am now expecting baby number 4 and hope so much that I can have the same outcome. I was monitored constantly but they had the wireless kind so I could move freely around the room and at some stage they put a monitor on my baby's head.
    I know how you feel I am scared ****less again my issue is I am needle phobic. I have to try to have faith that I have done it once and can do it again I have to stay positive and if I get told they won't induce me well I know better (same hospital). Good luck.

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    Wow congrats, going back for #4 you need a medal lol

    Its annoying how they put these deadlines on you - like the due dates are so accurate and all (NOT!). I didn't go into labor until 8 days over with DS so I will be ensuring the OB I choose is happy for me to go up to 14 days, all going well of course. I have so very little faith in the dating system, even with the scans. And yet they make so many decisions based entirely around due dates... I was so scared of being induced last time it put loads of unnecessary pressure on me!

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    Just saw this

    Did you decide who you were going with?

    If you're still undecided pm me. I ended up with an emergency csection. Long story behind it (happy to explain in pm) but especially with Kylie being away for part of your pregnancy I'd choose George

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