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    Default 2 year old being difficult since his baby brother was born?

    Hi ladies,

    Since my youngest Jacob was born, Ben my 2 year old son has been a nightmare with sleeping. He used to be a machine, 7pm-6am pretty much every day with a 2hr nap in the middle of the day, no complaints, but now that there's a baby around it's like he's a different child =(

    He won't stop getting out of bed for one thing or another and if DP can keep him in bed, he'll just cry for me. So if I swap with DP he just starts bouncing around the room and gets himself really worked up, starts trying to literally run up and down the hall or twisting and turning everywhere and it's doing my head in!

    Ben has always had a lot of energy but he's never been particularly silly, and while I'm positive it's just because of Jacob I don't know what to do. It's not that he hates his brother, because he loves him =( his older brother is still exactly the same as he was pre-Jacob, never have any problems with him before Matt, Ben, or Jake were born so I'm stuck.

    He's getting to sleep eventually but it's not until about as late as 11pm and I'm losing my patience with him =(

    Has anyone ever experienced something like this or have any advice? =(

    Sophie =)

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    I know you are sure that it's related to the baby but at around that age (2.5 from your signature) both DS and DD1 became impossible at bedtime if they'd had even a brief afternoon nap. Any chance it's time for the nap to go? I resisted it for a while because initially they were very cranky without it but once they adjusted bedtime got so much easier because they were actually tired enough to fall asleep easily.


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