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    Default Daily headaches & neck pain

    I'm currently 9wks3days & for the last couple of weeks I've been getting daily headaches & neck pain.

    I have had this previously for many many years prior to getting pregnant & it had to be managed with anti-inflammatory drugs. Massage & accupuncture occasionally helped, although the last time I went to accupuncture it made it worse.

    Now it's back & obviously because I'm pregnant I can only take panadol & use heat packs (cold makes it worse). This isn't really working & it's interfering with my life & my job. I also don't want to take panadol all day every day as I'm sure it's not good for you (I believe it can cause 'rebound headaches' etc if you don't take it) & I'm not sure if it's a good idea to take it every single day when pregnant.

    Does anyone have any ideas for managing this? Physio, osteo & chiro never worked for me before pregnancy & massage & accupuncture only worked ocassionally. I've seen multiple doctors & specialists about this before pregnancy & not only have I never received any answers, I've also rarely been taken seriously (mostly just got 'oh just go home & take a panadol, you just have a headache, it will get better' comments).

    I was hoping that it wasn't going to be an issue during pregnancy, but it obviously is.

    Any thoughts for managing this would be appreciated!

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    Im currently 11weeks & have the same problem. Only thing that eases it slightly for me aside from heat/cold & panadol is laying down in a dark room with some relaxing music on. But its not a very practical long term solution & I find it awful even at night time trying to sleep...

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