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    Default Funniest weirdest drugged up IVF / IUI / fertility treatment moment!

    I thought it was about time we had a lighthearted thread in our area. All our questions and topics are serious, sometimes sad and challenging etc so I thought we could do with a laugh.

    ivf requires sedation,be it a general for EPU, or Valium for transfer etc. anyone else had a funny dream, incident or moment while drug affected????

    I'll share first!

    after EPU I was sent home and dosed up on whatever I'd been given. I dreamt I was coming out of sedation after egg collection and needed to use the bathroom. When I opened the door to the toilet in The recovery area (which they don't let you lock) and this woman already in there rushes over to the corner of the room, says excuse me, As if I'd interrupted her, introduced herself as a member of this forum, goes and picks up her dog and hurries off. Then she comes back realizing I'm also on this forum and we have a good ole chat.

    I woke up thinking I had seriously just met laned from the Brisbane iui/ivf thread when I realized I was at home... Must have been reading too much Bubhub pre pickup!!

    was a space cadet moment lol any other funny moments??

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    CandE - that is pretty funny! What was with the dog??
    There is a thread called: 'IVF and the funny times (positive thread)' which often had me crying from laughter during my first cycle. It is a little old but maybe a sticky thread?? I generally use an iPad to view the forums so can't see it. A search brings it up though.


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