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    Default Moving interstate & parenting plans

    Hi guys! DP and I are moving interstate with the permission of exDP, we will back in our home town once a month for DPs business & exDP really only sees DD that often anyway so was okay with this move. I am wanting to get some sort of parenting plan in place that specifically recognises that exDP has given us permission to do this, and also outlines that we will bring DD back monthly to see her Dad also. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this? As we are amicable and able to reach compromises/agreements ourselves, I don't feel as though we need to go through family court, but I want to think ahead and be prepared if ever exDP decides he wants us to move back/say we didn't have his permission etc. Is there such thing as a parental agreement that doesnt go through the courts? I've tried to call Legal Aid but end up holding too long for my lunch break at work so thought someone here might be able to help! Thank you

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    A parental agreement that doesn't go through the courts is merely a parenting plan. You can write it up yourselves indicating what you both have agreed to and sign it. It is not legally binding.

    You can also write up an agreement yourselves (needs to be worded correctly but I think they do kits now days from the family court if you don't want a lawyer involved - I'd recommend getting a lawyer to read them) and send it into the court to get stamped and made into consent orders. These are legally binding but they consist of what you want and are not orders from the judge.

    Then there are court orders which are when you can't agree and made by the judge.

    Hope that helps.


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