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    Please seek the advice of a lactation consultant. The fact that the MCHN said small breasts are an indicator of low supply rings alarm bells for me - breast size has no bearing on supply so it makes me question her knowledge & opinion.

    By all means pump after a feed but please don't feel dejected if you get very little out. I could never pump more than 15-20 mls ever and have exclusively breastfed two babies (and I also have small breasts).

    If it was me though, I'd be ditching the pump and offering the breast after he wakes & before bed - so he is getting loads of chances to feed. Drink shiz loads of water, a full glass before a feed and a full glass after.

    Hope it improves for you

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    I would very much encourage seeing an LC. alot of child health clinics have free appointments or talk to your GP for a referral

    Motillioum and other prescriptive options should be absolute last resort. Not something that I would think to be prescribed after only one week of low weight gain.

    Overal weight gain averaged from when they returned to birth weight is a better indication of their overall progress rather than on single week.

    Small breast don't mean you have low supply. I would be very much seeking a second option on your options. And please please don't let this one silly (and seemingly uneducated) opinion stress you about your babies health.
    Is your baby happy, feeding regularly, sleeping well, fitting his skin and looking proportionately plump. Is he alert and engaging with you when he is awake and having regular wet nappies??
    These are the best indicators that he is healthy and well and your supply is just fine.

    Pumping after a feed is designed to increase supply by increasing demand. The more your nipples are stimulated the more they make. So even if you get nothing after a feed it can help increase supply.
    The fact that you aren't getting anything much simply implies that bubs is doing a great job emptying your breast during his feeding and that's perfectly normal and good.

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    And to answer your original question.

    To increase my supply.. LC advised me-
    Within 30min of bubs finishing a feed pump 5min each side, left right left right etc for 20min of you can as often as you can. Within reason. Don't turn yourself into a milk bar and don't stress over it, do what you can when you can.

    You might get away with less being an electric pump. I was hand expressing

    Also for reference. My dd has put on less than 80g/week most weeks since birth. She is perfectly fine and happy. GP is happy with her health.
    I hand expressed to increase supply, I have since also tried fenugreek. And only now after almost 2 mths of no real change in her weight gains - in fact she is putting on only 20g/week now. Have we resorted to motilllium


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