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    The height marker is to advise you not to turn to ff until they reach it. It's not to say when they reach it you need to turn them round. In countries like Sweden children stay rf until age 4. They have had no child fatalities in 50 years! Australia are not following best practice when it comes to car seats. It is 5 times safer to be rf than ff, and broken legs are better than broken necks to put it bluntly. To understand why - Google ff versus rf on you tube. I'd love to turn my bub round as he hates the seat but I can't after understanding the whole car seat thing now.

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    there are different forces on different parts of the car seat in an accident when it is forward facing to rear facing position. this would influence why the seat can safely hold an x kg child in foward facing, but possibly not as safe with same child in rear facing.

    (e.g. the back of the seat is supported by the car when in forward facing, ut not in rear facing)
    (the child also is affected by different forces, because if they are thrown to front of car- in rear facing they have seat to support their back, in forward facing, it is the seat belt that holds them in the car seat.)


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