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    Default What advice do you give your children for these situations?

    DS is 6 and is about to finish his first year of prep. He's a very friendly and social little boy, always ready to help people and loves to play with his classmates. This morning before school he was sitting with some children from a different class (still prep) and later told me that they said that I had a fat bum and "that's not very nice is it Mum". (DD was also there).

    Now because DS has had a significant speech delay he doesn't understand a lot of the subtleties of non verbal communication at the level other children his age do. I'm guessing he didn't really know how to react. I just told him that that was not a nice thing they said and that he doesn't have to play with people who aren't being nice.

    I'd like to be able to give him some words to say should that situation arise again (or something similar). For example, recently a boy a bit older asked DS if he finds his little sister (DD) annoying. DS and DD have a fantastic relationship, they play together, DS reads to her, they cuddle together whilst watching TV, they comfort each other etc. Is there some words or strategies that I could offer DS to use to tell his peers that he doesn't like to say not nice things about people and/or stick up for his family/friends?

    I have to admit, I wanted to go and cry and eat an entire cake after hearing it. My bum is big but it is by NO means the biggest at the school and even if it was, so what?!

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    hi busybee, Im thinking 'if you cant say something nice, then its best to say nothing" . Lots of kids are going to say nasty things, and hurtful things, that is what kids do. It is hard to shield your child from that, but if you just tell him, other people sometimes say the wrong thing, but that he doesn't have to listen to them, or to what they say. He can just walk away from people, and if he feels upset by what is said, he should tell the teacher or you. I wish we could just wrap kiddies in bubble wrap and keep them from all harm . Marie.

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