I have got some potty training / family day care issue. And I just had the best idea ever. What about I buy a big waterproof fabric to put in the carer's lounge and then every night if it is wet I wash it and bring it back the next morning? I find it so clever that I don't believe it's my idea...

The main question is: would that fit in my washing machine? I am talking about a square piece of fabric of 3m X 5m, very thin but waterproof. Maybe I would make it twice 1.5m X 5m or maybe one 3m X 5m, not sure yet (first option would be easier to wash, but second option would be easier to keep in place in the lounge room). So how do I know if that would fit in my washing machine? It's a top loader, I can't check the figures now because I am at work, I think it is not the normal "average" size (5kg) but the size up (so maybe 7kg?).

Of course, I can't check before I buy, otherwise it would be too easy.