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    Quote Originally Posted by Pusheen The Cat View Post
    I'm sorry thats happened to your DD. But I'm sure not every child will have that issue with their teeth and your childs condition isn't a common one. Also, I'm not judging, I'm wondering and was asking questions about it? I may across as blunt but I'm not good with words on here I guess?

    Say for an example, the child has no issue with deep grooves in their teeth and has a good amount of enamel on their teeth, and they end up with needing a whole mouth full of filling and needing their teeth to be pulled out at a young age (not due to a crowded mouth either which can is common!), who is to blame? something has to be....it's certainly not the childs fault! They didn't buy them food and drink from a young age that does destroy teeth in the long term and is slack with their teeth brushing?

    As a parent someone need to take responsibility for their childrens hygine and health, that does include what they feed them on a regular basis, just as the same goes with childhood obesity, you cant say "oh, there MUST be a problem with the child, maybe genetics?" Chances are they have a poor diet and low physical activity. It's not judging its just most likely whats happened over time.
    I just wanted to clarify that enamel hypoplasia is actually really common (which is the condition that this other lady mentioned where there isn't actually enamel on some places on the teeth) I can't remember the statistics but it affects a lot of children (and adults) and there is not much you can do about it apart from regular brushing flossing and using mouth wash even then with all that it won't stop you from needing fillings.

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    My 4 year old is also having a steel cap put on one of his back teeth and sealants on the other three back molars. He has the same condition as mentioned in above posts where his enamel is weak or non existent on his four back molars.

    These teeth have not formed properly and are very prone to decay. They can go from being ok one moment to crumbling to bits within 24 hours.

    He will need an op under GA as well, right now just trying to find the $2000 we need to pay for it.

    He doesn't have much sugar in his diet and brushes daily also. The dentist said 20-30% of people are born with this condition, and it's occurrence has nothing to do with anything the parents have done.


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