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    Default Just found out I'm pregnant with #2

    Hi ladies. Was hoping for some advice. I just got back from the doctors and found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant with #2. My first child, my son, is only 6 months old.it was a total shock as I was on the pill.

    I did struggle for the first 4 months with my son and I have no support and do it on my own. Hubby works 8-8 and I still have days where I'm exhausted with my son.

    I also happen to have hard pregnancies due to a previous back injury where I ended up in emergency 3 times during my first due to my back "locking" and couldn't move for a week. I can't imagine this happening while I still need to care for my son. When I reached 8 months I could only get up 5 minutes at a time then rest cause of my back.

    I don't know how to handle the news. I have mixed emotions but I guess I feel more sad. How will I care for my son with my history? How will I handle this on my own? How will I care for 2 little babies?

    I was hoping to hear your experiences when you fell pregnant again soon after bub #1

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    No words of advice as I only have one, but two thoughts are in my mind - your bubba is still quite young and demanding, I found that past eight months they become a little less dependant, so by the time number 2 is here, number 1 might be much less demanding than right now. Also having a three year old , I look back and wish I'd just gone bang bang and had two really close together... The thought of going back now is hard as we are effectively back to our pre-bub life... As for getting through with your back condition, I'm not quite sure but mauve a couple of days of day care for your bubba might give your body some time for a rest... Good luck!


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