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    Default Headaches and sinus at 22weeks

    Has anyone had sinus problems throughout there pregnancy? I have had major nose congestion pretty much since I found out I was pregnant but for the past week I have been getting pain around my nose and all around my head. Is this all related to my sinuses? It's really scaring me that it is something more serious. I have a Dr's appt but not until Monday. Can anyone relate to this?

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    You sound like you've got it worse than me FTMumma, but I've been getting a rather stuffy nose for quite a while during this pregnancy. Apparently it's something to do with your blood vessels and how much extra blood is currently pumping through your system. Were you susceptible to sinus issues before??

    I've always suffered from headaches and have one nearly every day at the moment. Luckily no migraines yet - usually I get about 3 or 4 bad ones a year. Most of the time I just grin and bare it, but if it's really interfering with my day then panadol will take the edge off.

    I've always been a coffee drinker and am currently having one about every other day which seems to help with both. Also popping your head over a bowl of steaming water can help with the congestion - just be careful if you decide to use any essential oils as some are contraindicated for pregnancy.

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