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    Quote Originally Posted by dee1 View Post
    So there is a story circling Facebook at the moment about a lady who gave her child up for adoption despite the father desperately wanting the child. I don't know whether it's true, but it certainly got me thinking...

    As a woman it is 'our' body, realistically we can choose to terminate or keep a baby without the consent of the father.

    Do you think this is fair?

    Do you think it is fair for a woman to terminate a baby who is very much wanted by the father?

    Do you think it is fair for a woman to have a baby who is not wanted by the father? Keeping in mind that the father will have to pay for this child for the foreseeable future and may have to forge a relationship/friendship with someone they barely know (e.g one night stand).

    Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this...

    Married to my soul mate, Mummy to one beautiful little girl, wishing for a little boy to complete our family.
    The adoption scenarios is unlikely in Australia- very unlikely. I'd go so far as to say its BS.
    We can choose because it is happening within our bodies. It would not be right or fair to let a man determine what happened to my body against my will. Whether he wants the baby or not- it's her body and her decision.

    Is it fair for a woman to have a baby unwanted by the man? Yes. Again, because it is her body. His desires do not trump her bodily autonomy, ever.

    Men need to take control of their reproduction and use all available contraception. If she says she's on the pill there's nothing to stop them wearing condoms. A PP mentioned a latex allergy excuse- nope- latex free are widely available. If he never wants kids, get a vasectomy.

    My view is- all hetero vaginal sex risks pregnancy. All of it. Pregnancy is a possibility every single time. We all knw this and all take this risk knowing what the consequences could be. If you can't deal with the possibility, don't have sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meags82 View Post
    It's not fair..... My husband is paying for a child conceived in a very short relationship- she told him she was on the pill, was allergic to condoms. Voila pregnant.... Was he stupid for believing her- hell yes- do we live with the financial ramifications every day of that stupidity- hell yes. Did she later admit "I was only taking the pill every 4-5th day and wanted a baby"- yes. So an act of stupidity at 23 means he lives with those consequences forever- was he ready for a baby- hell no but did he have any choice- no. Tell your sons- do not believe any girl who claims she is on the pill etc- if the condoms not on then it's not on.
    I'm not saying you don't have a point but what bothers me is that it seems that a woman bears the brunt of contraceptive responsibility every single time. And that's just not fair when there are things men can do to prevent getting a woman pregnant. It should be a shared responsibility especially if the possibility of making a baby is such a disastrous thought for the man. If a financial burden is the only issue he can sign over his parental rights and not pay anything. That is assuming he doesn't want to be involved in raising his child.
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