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    Default Getting 5 month old out of "love to dream" swaddle sleeping bag

    Hi all!
    my little boy is almost 5 months. He only rolls from his tummy to back and only on his playmat. Despite this I've been trying to get his arms out of his Love to Dream sleeping bag. I have the 50/50 one so I can try one arm at a time. But not having much luck! He is put down awake and sleeps really well. But even with one arm out its a nightmare. He will go to sleep with some soothing from me which is not normally required and then will wake after 1 sleep cycle (or less!) and it's a battle to get him back to sleep. This morning I caved ad put his arm back in and he slept for another 2 hrs!

    Main problem is he waves the arm around like mad and pulls his dummy out. I replace it and the process repeats.

    Any hints/tips?? Am I trying too early?!

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    I don't think it is too early, I stopped swaddling DS at 3 months. He did what you described a few times in the first few night but it didn't last long. I didn't really 'wean' off swaddling, I just went from him being wrapped straight into sleeveless sleeping bags (gro bag style)

    Maybe unwrapping both arms would work better, more balanced movement perhaps? Bubs often tend to move both arms/legs together at this young age.

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