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    @Feather how did you go love?

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    Hi ladies,

    I hope you have all had a fabulous Xmas and are all enjoying the holiday

    Helenmac - I am so ecstatic to hear your BFP news I remember how hard you have tried to sort out your issues and it has paid off. Truly wonderful news and inspirational for all of the ladies like myself who are heading back for another try

    emski72 - I stayed at the Vineyard hotel for 3 nights after my transfer as i wanted to be close to the clinic and it looked very relaxing. I treated us to a suite with a private courtyard and mountain views. It was worth it! I would lie out on the sunbed in our courtyard reading with Table Mountain in the back ground. Simply stunning. Although the hotel is in the middle of the suburbs you would not know once you drive through the security gates. It is so beautiful and tranquil. The pool was being renovated when we were there (July) so hopefully functional now. There was a well equipped gym and lovely gardens with pet giant tortoise roaming freely (I think there are 7). The restaurants and breakfast facilities were fantastic. Make sure you get a renovated room and if your budget allows it is really nice to have your own personal courtyard suite to relax in.

    Sooty - I have been thinking of you and am so relieved that you have managed to get some answers quickly. Now you can plan another cycle

    Rainbow - A health boy on the way what a lovely addition to your family.

    PeaSoup - thanks for popping in and updating us with your wonderful news. Congratulations and keep us updated.

    Sunny - Great news that your bub is thriving and everything will be just fine. Will PM you later when I get some more time xxx

    BB4Me - Congratulations on reaching another milestone with a perfect 2nd scan.

    Net - hope you've managed to have a happy Xmas despite your recent disappointment

    AFM - Currently on a detox after Xmas and slowly getting excited about our trip to SA. I don't feel the same excitement as last time! I guess I'm trying not to build my hopes up too much. We went with a proven donor this time and hopefully we will end up with out much longed for bub towards the end of 2014! We are looking at a late March/early April trip at this stage.

    Will update the roll call a bit later as there has been some great news to add

    Love to all,


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    Congratulations Helenmac. That is such wonderful news. I too have had bronchitis and laryngitis so look after yourself.

    Sootymay - so glad to hear all is ok with you too x

    Net - thinking of you too

    AFM - unfortunately I have had a rough time lately. Had severe bronchitis and laryngitis for over a week requiring antibiotics (which are safe for pregnancy). Have had on and off spotting and then last night woke to find I was bleeding bright red blood and then I passed a large clot/tissue about the size of a 50 cent piece, at 1.30am. We are on holidays in a country town so went to the local hospital but they don't have ultrasound. I spoke to my FS today and they have advised me to wait till Monday for a scan with a proper ultrasound technician as I'm only 6 weeks on Monday it will take a good technician to diagnose a miscarriage or an ongoing pregnancy. I'm so anxious but surprisingly calm as the clinic have said this has happened before and it can just be a blood clot and not affect the pregnancy but we won't know till my ultrasound. As I'm in a country area trying to organise an ultrasound is not easy. Before arriving I had booked my 6 week ultrasound for this Tuesday and yesterday I must have had a hunch as I tried it bring it forward but they were fully booked. Hopefully I will get someone sympathetic on Monday who will fit us in. So 3 days of agony waiting and wondering. The bleeding has stopped and I don't have cramps but I'm worried about what I passed last night. The hospital have sent the clot/tissue away for testing and have tested my bloods but being a weekend we won't have the results till next week.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this and their pregnancy has continued? I'm not taking aspirin or clexane as I know this can cause bleeds. I'm Hoping for the best as my HCG was 25,000 last Saturday which is apparently high even for twins. But anything can happen In A week. I can't believe my luck. An anxious few days ahead for us. Worried!

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    Default prednislone

    HI sunny,

    this post was actually from me and was based on information my IVF clinic had provided to me prior to commencing Prednislone. It was based on a study done on women who had been taking prednislone during pregnancy to surpress immune issues and showed that those taking prednislone during pregnancy had an increased risk of having a baby who had a cleft palette. I just wanted to say that I would not make such a statement randomly.

    Obviously the benefits for taking these drugs clearly outweigh the risks, however I believe every woman has a right to know them and make up her on mind before taking them as I did.

    Oh I nearly forgot....there was a post a little earlier about cleft lips/palates being a risk whilst being on Prednisolone. This is incorrect....I have checked this with my OB, and a Fetal Medicine Specialist and also an Endocrynologist....there is nothing to suggest that Prednisolone can be attributed to clefting, despite some 'documentation' out in googleland. There has been some suggestion that clefting can be hereditary but not confirmed....clefting is purely random 'bad luck'.[/QUOTE]

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    Congratulations Peasoup and Helen Mac I'm so thrilled for you both

    RB yay it's a boy and all healthy

    Sooty so happy you can start planning again

    Abundance - this happened to me at 6 weeks then again at 8 weeks. I had fresh red blood too and a big clot (big golf ball) very scary. I had weekly scans from week 6 and they could see a subchorionic hematoma near where the placenta was forming and this disappeared after about week 9-10. In every scan the baby was growing normally and had a strong heart beat. I had black brown crinone until I finished at 12 weeks.
    The doctor put me on bed rest due to my job involving long hours standing and given the lengths I had gone to to get a pregnancy. If you can rest to allow any "wound" to heal until you see your dr.
    I was the same as you not completely panicked as you expect if it was a miscarriage you would have severe cramps and hemorrhaging type of bleeding but no one wants to see blood and you won't feel relaxed until you see the baby on the scan with its little heart beat. Hope this helps xxx

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    Hello to all. I don't post often but enjoy reading along and keeping track of your journeys.

    Helenmac - just had to post how happy I am to read your news! Congrats and best wishes for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!!

    Pea soup - congrats to you too!

    Net - so sorry to hear your news. I was so hoping you would get your little pirate.

    Abundance - I had a big bleed at just after 7 weeks. I bled for about 6 hours - bright red blood which was very heavy at first then slowly eased off to spotting. I did pass a large clot - I think the fact that I went home and laid down meant that blood pooled inside and started to clot. The bleeding started at lunch time on a Friday. I couldn't have a blood test till Monday to see if my numbers were ok but the fact that I didn't have any cramping gave me some hope until then. Blood test was good and scan next day showed bubs was fine!

    Best wishes to everyone else. May 2014 bring many many BFPs!

    All well with me and now at 27 weeks. My OB put me on meds for high blood pressure a few weeks ago. More of a precaution as it was borderline. Having a scan on Monday to check growth, how my placenta is going and fluid levels. Dr has been very pro-active given my age which is very reassuring.

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    Abundance - thinking of you, you poor thing going through this and over a weekend of all things, plus in the country not near your regular Dr's etc! Great to read what Pixel said, having been through the same thing, and hopefully reassuring for you.

    January - I feel the same as you. I'm planning on going back March/April (DH has frozen sperm at CFC now, though hope it's going to survive the thaw... I'm trusting they know what they are doing, when my FS here, years ago, didn't want to freeze it, so just another thing to have niggling away at me).... and I really don't know how to feel about it to be honest. Not so hopeful, but then I hang off every BFP that gets posted on here, hoping it will be our turn next time. Its a bit tough at the moment to be honest, just a tad sad I guess, though its only just over 4 weeks ago that we got back and got the BFN, so I should take it easy and give myself time to digest it all. Hasn't helped that we have had unexpected family staying, (3 weeks now) and DH's brother will be staying with us from now on until he finds work and a place to stay.... oh dear... just what I need, when I really wanted space right now to think about things.

    I just know now, in hindsight how much energy goes into planning and making the trip over there, plus all the immune meds I'll no doubt be on again (they weren't pleasant when looking back either, and I'm sure I'm still having side effects, ie, slight cramps and my hair seems to be falling out all over the place (I read a post from someone that said this had happened to them), skin biopsies (all clear) and eye infections (that I never get)... just seems strange that all this happened as soon as I came off the Dex, and usually I never ever get sick.... so to be honest I feel quite flat about it all now - just gaining the energy to dust off and donor search etc again. I guess once that part is over, I'll get more excited and in the groove of it all again. Well here's hoping anyways, as I'd rather be happy about it than a sad sack!!

    Hi to everyone else, so much is going on here, and its great you're all planning accommodation and getting organised. And wonderful news with the ladies that are pregnant, having good scans and the recent positive test results.

    Thx girls for the comments on Pred. Good to hear both opinions, and as we know, the medical industry can be at opposite ends of the scale on their beliefs re. certain meds etc.
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    Abundance - I too had a bright red bleed at 7 weeks. I know 4 women pregnant at the same time through IVF (twins and singletons), who also had bleeds anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks...clots or no clots, clexane or no clexane. It was all put down to subchorionic bleeds. In my case, my OB said that it could happen again and it may not, as I am on clexane. That current bleed/hematoma was not visable on ultrasound and OB advised that it may have bled out or if any was left, it could have been reabsorbed by my body (my bleed occurred on a Saturday, so I too had to wait to get an ultrasound). It is promising that you do not have any cramping/pain. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    Rainbow - Thanks for the info Rainbow. Isnt it funny how we can receive differing opinions, but you are right, we should know about these things. I have also read on one of the forums that Prednisolone does not cross the placenta....unsure about this, so it will be one of the first questions to OB at my next appointment.

    BJ - Good to see your doctor is keeping a close eye on you. We have all gone through so much to get to this point. My blood pressure has at times been on the high side, but at the moment my OB thinks its because she scares me!! I work for the ambulance service, so the paramedics check my blood pressure regularly and I don't seem to have a problem so far.

    January - I answered your PM before I hopped onto this thread. I should have done it the other way around. I am SO glad to hear that you are back in for another try and March/April is so very close.

    Pixel -

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    Abundance - what a terrible scare for you. I too had a big bleed at 6 weeks and an even bigger one at 17.5 weeks. I was placed on bed rest, Valium and a drug called Cyclocapron for the first bleed. I remained on the Clexane until 12 weeks. The second bleed just bed rest. Both times it was a subchorionic bleed. My 20 week scan showed a large haematoma (clot) measuring 3 x 6 cm. Thankfully as you know we had a beautiful little man. Hoping you can get some well needed reassurance. Be be sure to have bed rest. I was only allowed up for toilet breaks. Very frustrating and scary, but well worth it. Take care Hun.

    BJ - sorry to read of your BP issues. Likewise good to read you are being monitored closely. Wow 27 weeks.

    Helen - I think I'm going a bit nuts, I was sure I had responded to your wonderful news. After all your struggles, you should be so proud of your efforts. You have literally thrown absolutely everything into getting a BFP. Congratulations Hun. So pleased for you. Hoping you start to feel better quickly, shame about the illness. Be sure to try and keep your temp down with Panadol. Xxx
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