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    Default Pregnant with the mirena

    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if anyone has had a story similar to mine with a positive outcome, most i read aren't exactly positive but either is the internet or my situation

    So i am 8 weeks pregnant with the merina iud in place, apparently i was pregnant when it went in, which in itself is a miracle. Every health professionally i have spoken to has told me that should be impossible as the insertion of a mirena is used as a abortion like technique.
    Anyway i found out at 7 weeks i was preg, had a ultrasound and bub is healthy and happy but has mirena sitting on its sac.
    Went to the gyno and he was amazed as well, tried to take the mirena out (which was horrific) but the strings had already been pulled into the uterus, so if he went further i would m/c.
    Now i have two boys, the eldest has special needs and is full on, the youngest a full on 3 yr old, and im not the most patient person in the world and i enjoy my sleep!
    Plus we don't have very much support around...
    So as you can imagine i wasn't very keen on a third..
    but our take on the situation is that this baby seems meant to be, it has survived, well so far.

    So the gyno told me my two options abort or continue with a high risk preg. Risks are miscarriage, early labor, placenta problems, bleeeding, infection etc obviously higher risk then normal

    So the last couple of days (since he tried to take merina out) i have had spotting ranging from bright red to brown stringy stuff (sorry tmi) and mild cramps.. we go back tuesday, so if baby has survived that then its meant to be!!

    But it just worries me, the whole pregnancy.
    Has anyone been through similar and it all turned out ok or not?
    what are your experiences??

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    Did they not do a pregnancy test and ultrasound when you had it inserted?!?

    I had my Mirena put in at an abortion clinic (waiting time was only 2 days compared to 2 months at the gyno), and they did a HPT and quick ultrasound to check, plus they require that you actually have AF at the time of insertion.

    It must be very worrying to be in your position, I hope it works out ok.

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    No I haven't but I think that it's incredible that your baby has survived this. I really do hope the little one makes it hon. Good luck x


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