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    Default IVM - Worth it?

    Hi all,

    I'm a patient with FertWA in Perth and after having all of our tests come back it's been recommended that DH and I pursue IVM with ICSI in the new year. I did do a quick search through the forum archives and found some info, but not much.

    IVM has been recommended largely due to the fact that I've been diagnosed with PCOS (approx. 19 follicles on each ovary). I've been told that I'm at risk of overstimulation from IVF and that IVM would be gentler on my body, though less eggs would be produced due to the reduction in injections/hormones. Interestingly (and one of the only good pieces of news) was that my egg reserves are completely off the charts.

    DH only had 6 mil/ml with his first SA, so he's being checked out further, but morphology and motility were great. The count is why they are recommending ICSI.

    Because IVM isn't done in many places there isn't much info out there available. I'm conflicted between trying it and requesting IVF, because it's still a lot of money and seems to be less effective than IVF.

    Anyone out there have experience with IVM? The FS is very positive about this working for us considering our health (great) and ages (31 & 27).

    Any thoughts, comments, info is greatly appreciated.

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    I did an IVM cycle as I had good egg reserves and got pretty good egg numbers however quality was crap, I also have PCO. It was recommended for me to try and improve egg quality - get less eggs but a better quality. Unfortunately it didn't work for me but everyone is different and the reasons for doing are different. Given your age I would give it a try, it could improve egg quality which IVF won't. Good luck xx


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