My name is Aimee. I am a Chinese residing in Sydney. I have always
wanted to have children. I feel that I have a very strong maternal
instinct, and will be a good mother. Unfortunately, fate was cruel,
and I was already 43 when I met my husband, who I would want to be the
father of my children.

My husband is also Chinese (Singaporean), and he also loves kids.
Additionally, my husband is the only son in the family, so even though
he said it's okay and he's been very supportive, I feel the strong
responsibility/burden to bear him a son/child.

I have already tried six cycles of IVF, but to no success. Although I
look young, I think my eggs cannot fool. Time is not on my side. I'm
glad that there's IVF medical technology that could hopefully help
change fate. But I need good quality eggs for it to work. That's the
sad reality.

And because we're both Chinese, we would like to get egg donor who is
also Chinese/Asian, to help fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

Thanks so much,