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    Default Gassy and regurgitation how can I help DS?

    DS was born premie at 35 + 6, he was in hospital for 2 weeks and is now fully breastfeed. In hospital he was tube fed ebm for 12 days then started breastfeeding and came home.
    My issue is that he seems to be quite gassy and has overflow or regurgitations seems at every other feed, he's coping well... he doesn't cry or makes a big fuss but I can tell he's uncomfortable and he makes wind a lot. He hates being flat on his back.
    I have to admit my own diet has been terrible lately I'm eating what ever, and if anyone has heard of it he has transient tyrosinemia which I can't really understand anything that has been written online about...
    looking for any tips hints and theories on how I can help the little dude with his digestion and wind.
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    I can't help you with the transient tyrosinemia, but have you tried Gripe Water? It is great for gassy babies. Also how do you feed? Do you feed from both sides in one sitting or do you alternate each breast with each feed? You may need to burp him half way through your feed, because all that milk might be sitting on an air bubble, causing him to regurgitate.

    Also try and keep him upright after a feed and put his bassinette or cot (whatever he sleeps in) on an incline, so he isn't completely flat. You can use a rolled up towel under the mattress. I am not sure what to do if he cosleeps with you as I don't do that but I am sure there are women on here who could help you.

    If worse comes to worse and he is in pain, you could try infant gaviscon, but talk to your doctor first. You can also try thickeners, I know Karicare make one.

    I was told when I was in hospital (12 weeks ago) that diet no longer affects the quality of breast milk (alcohol is a different story) and that you should not adjust your diet. However, I do know of women on here having to cut dairy from their diets to avoid reflux.


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