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    Disclaimer - far from expert as a FTM of a 10 week old
    I have let baby make her own routine and have mostly been doing feed-play-feed-sleep, we're EBF and from 8 weeks she has started sleeping better at night - we get a good snooze from about midnight to 10am with about an hour wake up around 5 for a feed and sometimes nappy change. In the day her naps are 1.5-2.5 hrs, with a wake up time of 1-2 hrs. Some days she fights napping and will be up and fussy for 4 hrs or so.
    I have found if she doesn't settle after a feed and a cuddle, a paci can help then. But not always.

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    Before I actually had a child, I wanted to avoid using a dummy, but then DS had one before he was 3 weeks old! He had it all the time until 9 months of age, and then only at sleep times until I took it off him at about 16 months.

    At 19 months he has no physical or developmental problems as a result its use. He can say over 20 words, and even a few two-word phrases. And he's been able to self settle since about six months.

    So I'm all for using a dummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by townsvillenat View Post
    Hi all, its just that ive read that dummies
    Arnt good for there mouth structural development n growth?

    Also how do u keep ur new borns awake during day so they sleep at nigh?
    Need help!!!

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    I used a dummy for my DD2 after flatly refusing to have my DD1 use one (and she never took it either). My understanding that after a certain point in time, there can be an issue with the development of the mouth - something worth researching probably if you get to that point in the future - try not to worry about it too much now.

    Newborns are such fickle little beings! The thing about sleep is the more they get the more they sleep! I don't know how but believe my in my nearly 5 years of trying to get better sleep out of my kids - it's proven to be true!

    All the best


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