Does anyone else have a four year old who cries at the drop of a hat? Even while doing fun stuff that he enjoys?

Like today, we made christmas tree ornaments with dough in the oven and painted them. Fun, right? Not really. About ten minutes in he decided he wanted to paint his snowman like mine, but he had already done his and there were no more snowmen left to paint. Cue the waterworks. I let him paint over the top of mine but that wasn't good enough. :/

I never know how to handle stuff like this. I've tried distraction but it rarely works; he's very focused when he goes into whine-mode. I've tried telling him that since he isn't having fun anymore we will pack the activity away, but that's just a trigger for a major meltdown, and besides, I feel like if I do that I'm punishing him for having feelings.

I don't want to punish him for expressing how he feels but at the same time I also don't want to sit through an activity that he's just going to cry and whine his way through and be miserable. It's making me reluctant to do these kinds of activities with him at all.