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    Default 7 month old cant self settle.. What worked for you??

    How did you teach your baby to self settle without using the cry it out method?

    My 7 month old still wakes multiple times during the night and needs to be rocked or breastfed back to sleep.

    Please let me know what worked for you??

    Your help would be much appreciated

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    Age- they do grow out of it.

    By 12-14 mths both girls happily went to sleep after a boob. I used to put them drowsy in bed and pat their tummies.

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    As they got older they slept better and longer. Timing and routine worked for us.

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    I'll share what has got my 2 sleeping through but there is a tiny bit of crying involved.

    Firstly, the theory that baby won't be able to resettle through the night if they haven't learnt to self settle to get to sleep, this does not apply to my babies. Both have gone to bed for the night being rocked/boobed/cuddled then put down once completely asleep yet were doing 8hrs minimum by 8 weeks and 16 weeks.

    What I've done is, when they wake through the night turn the monitor off and listen to the cry. If it sounds urgent I tend to them immediately. If there are pauses in the crying, maybe a bit of babbling thrown in and generally not sounding urgent then I go to the toilet, get a drink of water and keep listening. If it starts to build to proper crying then I tend to them. If it still got pauses and generally sounds less urgent then I lay down and give them about 10 minutes to see if they'll resettle. After a couple of nights they might just wake with a single cry, or maybe just a babble then resettle.

    The reason I turn the monitor off and listen that way is the monitor tends to make every cry sound pretty awful.

    I also feed my babies lots during the day and extra in the lead-up to bed. DD grew out of being rocked to initially get her down to sleep at 12 months. DS is only 5 months so still being fed to sleep first then doing about 11 hours most nights. I know he stirs, as you can her the movement through the monitor, but no calling out and he wakes up so happy in the morning!

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    DS1 was waking 1-2 hourly overnight from 3.5 months to 9 months and needed to be fed to resettle. I was at breaking point, and as a last resort I night weaned, which meant slowly going from feeding to rocking to sleep, then to rocking for a few minutes and putting down drowsy but awake and patting to sleep, then to not picking up and just patting back to sleep in his cot. By about 12 months he was able to self settle when he woke at night (although we still went through phases of him having to be rocked or patted - ie. teething/ sick etc).

    I took some tips from Elizabeth Pantley's 'No-Cry Sleep Solutions', and combined that with a hands on settling approach. There was some crying at the start of each new settling 'phase' - but I was always with him and if it got too much I did whatever it took to get him back to sleep and tried again next time.

    DS2 is 7 months and can self settle when I first put him into bed at night, but doesn't when he wakes overnight. We've just been through a rough patch of lots of wake-ups, but he seems to have gone back to 2 now, so I just feed.

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