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    Default Is it expected from childcare/school staff/teachers to get Xmas gifts?

    I am from a different culture, where you don't really do gifts to teachers as that would be seen as bribery :-D

    This year is my first Xmas with a baby in childcare and I thought it'd be nice to show my appreciation to childcare staff...

    But then I don't know if that's the done thing? And there are so many staff, I don't even know them all, it would be wrong not to have a gift for all right?

    I am very confused - thanks for your opinion

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    People do buy gifts for teachers here but I don't think I'd say it's the 'done thing'. Maybe 50% of parents give gifts. In child care it would be completely fine to just give a gift to the main carer/room leader, but in your case maybe something for all the staff to share- maybe a bottle of really nice hand cream to use in the centre, or a box of chocolates or some nice teas or flavored coffees for the staff room. The smallest gesture will definitely be appreciated, so something that is small and/or not very original would be completely fine.

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    I never gifted in childcare but i did for the teachers last year for prep. I dont really know DS teacher this year. Not sure whether to get her something or not as dont really go into the classroom. Not knowing much about her doesnt help either.

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    I very rarely get gifts at the daycare I work. I do however cherish (and still have) the handmade cards that I occasionally get given. They mean the world to me and remind me of why I am doing what I do. At our center the parents that do give usually only give to the carers that work directly with their child/ren. Occasionally we will get an additional box of chocolates and a thank you card to share with all the staff which is nice too. Its the little things that make us feel appreciated.

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    I'm a teacher and probably get 5 students max out of a class of 27-30 buy gifts. I don't expect it, but it is quite lovely to receive them.

    Although so far in 9 years of teaching the two things that I remember and appreciated the most were when a letter was written to me (they also sent a copy to the principal & district office) saying what an amazing teacher I was and how I'd turned a class around from taking over after another teacher went in stress leave. She had tears I her eyes when she gave it to me -I cried when i read it. It was so heartfelt and beautiful. I got put on permanent the next year.

    The second was also that same year ... It was the very last day of term and I'd just been appointed to a new year level - after saying goodbye to my class I started planning and was getting my first week ready with a bit of photocopying ( I was pretty eager back then doing it 6 weeks early!!)... I got a call put through to me in the staff room.

    It was a grandparent of a child who earlier in the year was very defiant and with mismanagement her behaviour was an issue. I built a really good rapport with her. This grandmother (whom I've never met) rang to thank me for bringing their beautiful grand daughter back. She said she'd been wanting to contact me for a long time and she was amazed at the difference in her at school and at home. I actually got a bit choked up on the phone and bawled when she hung up. I felt like all my hard work and constant hours I put in were so valued by her.

    I have never forgotten that girl or the call. To be respected so much as a first year teacher was overwhelming. It touched my heart to know that I'd made a difference in her life. These kids make a difference in mine everyday too. I spend more face to face time with them than my own children.

    Sorry that turned into a bit of any essay - but honestly I couldn't tell you a single student that's given me a box of chocolates or a mug over the years - but I could tell you the ones who've made me feel like they value and respect what I do.

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    It wouldn't be expected but it sure would be appreciated. They don't just care for your child, they're educating them as well in the early years.
    A small gift and handmade card for the room staff would be good and then a box of chocs to share with the other staff would be nice to.

    The previous years I have given baked goods and Christmas decorations. Last year I got cute little snow domes that had Santa in them. I also gave a box of Cadbury favourites for the rest of the centre's staff. I will do similar this year especially because my son goes to Prep next year.

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