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    Default 20 month old sleeping help

    My son wont fall asleep in his cot but he will fall asleep on the couch in the lounge room. I have put him in his cot to go to sleep but he immediately gets up and starts to cry or hypes himself up even if he is exhausted. He also wakes up a couple hours later and climbs in the bed with my dp and I. We have taken the side of his cot off to make a day bed and put a bed rail on as he was climbing out anyway and hurting himself. I cant really think of anything else to do as i have said to him its time for bed and layed him down, gave him a kiss then left the room and shut the door and he just screams and ends up out of his cot and in my bed. Ive only got a double bed too so you can imagine how little room i have with my dp, ds and myself in it lol. Plus ds is spread out with a leg over my face and a his other leg in dp back. Sometimes i think itd be easier if ds had his own room. Any tips and tricks?

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    It may be time for a bit of tough love... Just keep putting him back into his own bed. He should eventually get the idea. It must be hard for all of you if he can't have a bedroom of his own I hope it gets better for you soon.


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