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    Default Bleeding post caesarian

    Hi ladies,
    Hope this isn't a tmi type question, but I am having our first baby by Caesarian in 4 weeks, I asked lots of questions with my OB but still have some more.
    How much bleeding can I expect after my caesar? I will be having a spinal block and catheter, so I am wondering what happens post surgery as I will still be numb, do they put a big pad under you for the bleeding, until you are mobile and can look after it yourself? Anyone's insight would be great, I am a type who likes to know what to expect, as I have quite some anxiety over the Caesarian but know its the safest option for me and bub, but want to be prepared for what's to come! Any advice would be great, thanks xx

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    Hi farmgirl,
    I had a c-section 4 months ago and turns out I lost less blood at delivery than an average vaginal birth. So having a c-section doesn't automatically mean you will have a lot of blood loss but of course everyone is different. After your c-section the nurses will take care of your bodily needs overnight such as changing pads, checking your bleeding, and emptying your catheter bag as well as doing obs every couple of hours, so it's not a particularly restful night! It's not the most pleasant of experiences having the nurses come in and roll you on your side to do this but I just reminded myself it's their jobs and they do it all the time!

    You will be up and around the day after your section and will be able to look after changing pads etc yourself. Like any delivery you will have lochia (post delivery bleeding). I think mine lasted about 3 weeks in total but tapered off significantly after a week.

    Good luck and wishing you a beautiful and straight forward birth experience


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